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How Do I Find a Venue?

30 Sep

Figuring out where to start with picking a venue can be challenging. Googling can only get you so far. And sometimes sites don’t even have pictures that do it justice. When I was looking for my venue, I discovered a secret way of scoping out killer venues. Photography blogs! Start searching around online for local wedding photographer sites and see what other people in you area are doing. You might see something you hadn’t thought of. It also helps yo see the venue in context of a wedding and gives you ideas on key spots for a photo op. Photographers will usually list the name of the venue and sometimes they even list the names of other vendors in case you see any details you’re loving.


We’re Engaged…Now What?

23 Sep

So you just got engaged. It’s been a few days of oooing and aaahing over the ring, telling all your family and friends. Then people start asking questions. When are you getting married, where are you getting married? The panic sets in. The truth is, you don’t need to panic. That overwhelming feeling will go away…once you complete step #1 of planning a wedding – selecting a venue. Once you select a venue, you can select a date based on availability. Once you have a place and a date, everything else comes easy. You can book a photographer, videographer, band or DJ etc. I promise you once you secure the location and date, the rest is smooth sailing and the fun parts begin!

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