Inspiration: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

27 Oct

Hey Ladies..and any gentlemen too. Happy hump day! For today’s board I wanted to do something a little unexpected. I tried to think of a color I haven’t developed a concept around and orange came to mind. Then I found the pic of Jennifer Goodwin in that awesome orange dress and her necklace triggered a sense of african influence to me so I ran with it. Wood textures, animal prints, exotic orange flowers (it’s really just an orange freesia but it looks exotic).  I think this concept could be super cool, but it would have to be executed very well as to not to come off too themey if you know what I mean. If it’s too out of the box for you as wedding, it would make a cool room!

On the Wild Side


2 Responses to “Inspiration: Take a Walk on the Wild Side”

  1. Paper Moss March 15, 2011 at 7:31 pm #


    I knew I liked your style, but this was confirmed for me big time today…
    About a month ago some vendors and I decided to do one of Style Me Pretty’s “Inspiration to Reality Shoots” and I was in charge of picking out a board. Long story short, THIS is the board we chose! I wasn’t even paying attention to who it was by, and I *just* realized this. Can I just say great minds think alike?!?! Can’t wait for you to see the photos!!

    ~The Paper Moss Team 🙂

  2. Maggie March 15, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    Oh my gosh that is toooo funny! My Style Circle user name is from way back before I started my blog so its my maiden name – you probably wouldn’t have recognized it even if you had noticed it. But I adore this board so I am SOOOO excited! I most definitely can’t wait to see!!!! I can’t say that I’ve seen any inspiration shoot with this kind of look, but knowing how talented and creative you are makes it that much more amazing!!

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