Dresses Under $900

2 Nov

Despite what we all might think, you don’t have to spend a zillion dollars on a wedding dress to feel gorgeous. I made the mistake of visiting high-end salons for my first few appointments and I became convinced I couldn’t find my dream dress for under $5,000. A bride is going to look beautiful on her big day no matter what she wears. It’s all in her smile and the way her eyes light up, not how much she spent on her dress. I ended up finding my dress for way less than that, but it looked like a million bucks! And simple is in right now so you can leave behind the bells and whistles and that come with a heavy price tag. Check out these beauties all for under $900. Sometimes the right dress isn’t even at a bridal salon!

Left to right, top to bottom row:
JCrew: $895
JCrew: $850
JCrew: $475
BCBG: $798
BCBG: $298
Nordstrom: $548
Nordstrom: $798
Nordstrom: $147.90
Nordstrom: $548
Nordstrom: $138
BCBG: $398

Dresses Under $1000


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