Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

8 Nov

Finding the right bridesmaid gift can be daunting. There isn’t really a rule as to how much you can spend, but $50 is a pretty safe amount if you can swing it. After all, your bridesmaids are probably spending a lot for you! If you have a very small party, say up to 3 girls, then you might want to spend a little more. Again, it goes back to what you can afford. When selecting gifts, try to go with something that they will get use out of. Personalizing the gift with name or initials is always cute. And sometimes the best gift is just taking care of one of their expenses – maybe gift cards for their hair or for mani and pedis the morning of the wedding! Here are some ideas:

-Little cover ups to wear to the salon the day of the wedding (I did this for my wedding. Got pink for all the girls and a white one for me, it was very cute!)  Victoria’s Secret is a great resource!
– Cute little clutches to use the day of the wedding that match their dress, but aren’t so obscure they can’t use them again. These are from Etsy.
-Hand painted wine or martini glasses with their names and maybe the date of the wedding. This wine glass is from By Becca.
– A gift card to cover an expense for being in the wedding.
– A cute cosmetic bag set. This one is from Target. And how cute would it be to put this Smashbox lip gloss set in one?
– A pretty necklace they can wear in the wedding or after it like this one from Anthropologie.
– A pair of Havaianas flip flops to change into once the dancing begins!
– A pretty stationary set like this one from Vera Bradley (Vera Bradley makes lots of cute gifts like wallets, tote bags and so much more)!
– How cute is this Sephora by OPI nail polish sampler set?

What are you or what did you get as your bridesmaid gifts? Do share!!!

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


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