Inspiration: Painting the Roses Red

2 Dec

The Mad Hatter tea party has been getting lots of attention as a party theme since the release of the Alice in Wonderland movie a while back. I wanted to give some attention to the Red Queen with this whimsical bridal shower design. How fun would this be as an afternoon bridal shower outdoors in a beautiful garden? Here are some ideas I have for executing it:

– Centerpieces could be silver paint cans filled with red rose arrangements.
– Have an opulent chair (the queens throne) set out for the bride-to-be to sit in while opening gifts.
– Set up a game of croquet on an open lawn
– A few lawn flamingos is a must of course!
– A deck of cards would make a cute favor for guests.
– Tell the bride to wear red and all the other guests to wear black or white – it will make for a really cute photo!

Painting the Roses Red - Bridal Shower

Red rose cadelabra: Creative Designs 4U
Heart Shoe Photo: Telbert Photography
Chair: Funkified Couture Furnishings


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