Inspiration: Canary Song

3 Dec

Today I wanted to use a color that really pops – that color is canary yellow. It’s fresh and elegant and the yellow, black, white and gold color palette has a modern feel to it. I love the canary yellow chiffon gown, which would be beautiful for the bridesmaids and a black and white bouquet would really pop against the dress. The circular tapered candle holder in a modern twist on the traditional candelabra. A black birdcage veil and feathered earrings and shoes are the perfect accessories for the bride. Long sleek black tables would be amazing set with these black and yellow plates and simple yellow tulips. A gold birdcage hanging with a little faux canary inside would be a cute detail well. Tweet tweet!

Canary Song

Yellow gown: Lulu’s Vintage
Feather earrings: MG Mart
Feather purse: Hed Kandi
Gold birdcage image: LGD Designs
Place setting image: Paper Bean
Chair: Kay Elliot blog
Ring: Ring Blog
Yellow tulips: Pretty Chicky
Candle Holder: Baby Doll
Birdcage veil: One Little Dove


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