Top Picks: Cocktail Hats!

20 Dec

So I think I was meant to be British because I am OBSESSED with cocktail hats. Why the heck is not a tradition to wear these to weddings here? I think we need to make it one because there are enough gorgeous hats out there to wear a fabulous one every day of the year. In fact, I may just start wearing them around. Think I’d get some weird looks at the grocery store? I’ve seen them worn by bridemaids which is adorable but a whole guest list of ladies in hats would be amazing if you think it would fly with your friends/family! Even for a bridal shower it would be fun.

One pretty lady who does the cocktail hat some serious justice – The princess-to-be Ms. Kate Middleton!

Here are some of my TOP picks. Feast your eyes!
Cocktail Hats

Left to Right, Top to Bottom Row
Purple rimmed hat: Head Full Of Feathers
Yellow hat: Arturo Rios
Light blue gingham hat: Millenerium
Black butterfly hat: Its The Little Things
Blue feather and flower har: Arturo Rios
Purple bow hat: Chi Chi
Polkadot feather hat: Head Full of Feathers
Green and black hat: Be Something New
Blue and green butterfly hat: Juliet Fawcus
Black straw and leather hat: Rachel Shortt
Pink strawberry hat: Doghead and Flintlock
Purple zebra hat: Pink Kittens Shop
Red and black polkadot hat: MGMart
Blue feather hat: Hats by Cressida


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