Inspiration: Vintage Vegetable Garden

24 Jan

I absolutely LOVE vegetable garden wedding details. There’s just something so charming about them. With this board I wanted to put a vintage spin on it. There are so many cute things you can do like florals in vintage vegetable cans, root veggie seating cards, and incorporating vintage vegetable seed packets into stationary elements. It would be perfect to serve veggie inspired hors d’oeuvres and a carrot cake for dessert. And for the bridal party fashion I went pretty indie with the inspiration – vintage lace up booties and how about this denim dress from Anthropologie? It’s definitely different but I am diggin’ it. It would be so cute to display the favors in a vintage wheelbarrow. Really the possibilities are endless!

Inspiration: Vintage Vegetable Garden

Image Credits:
Seed Labels: Simply French Vintage
Vintage garden tools: Garden and Wood
Carrot cake: I Can Has Cheezburger
Denim dress: Anthropologie
Artichoke stationary: Melissa’s Garden
Straw hat: Manic Pixie Fashion
Centerpiece: I Plan it Right
Wheelbarrow: Happy Garden Products
Veggie table cards: Mint Design
Vintage boots: Vintage Shoe Love


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