Freshly Picked: David Austin Roses

14 Feb

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, holiday of the rose, I wanted to do a little spotlight post on my very favorite variety of rose, the David Austin rose.  There are soooo many rose varieties to choose from, but I find these roses by the famous English rose breeder to be the most beautiful of all. In fact, I took a picture of a bouquet with David Austin roses to my florist, without knowing what they were and he identified them immediately then was quick to tell me they are out of my price range. Well, one day when I win the lottery I am going to fill my house top to bottom with these blooms. You should take a minute and check out his website because its really quite fascinating – you can even order them for growing in your own garden. There are so many beautiful colors and variations you won’t know where to look first. Here are some beautiful bouquets and centerpieces incorporating David Austin roses…

David Austin Roses

{Image Credits}
The Flower Magician
David Austin Roses
Sasi Wedding
Sugar Love Weddings

David Austin Rose Centerpieces

{Image Credits}
Diane James Home
The Inspired Bride
Southern Accents
Country Living


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