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17 Mar

What has happened in Japan is an unimaginable tragedy. The devistation breaks my heart. The road to recovery is a long one and I am so touched to see the blogging community come together to reach out and make an impact. Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours have done an amazing thing in creating For Japan With Love to raise money for Shelter Box, a disaster relief organization. All donations help no matter how small the contribution!

Also, I Do Love It will be participating in the bloggers day of silence tomorrow, March 18th, so there will be no posts on the blog. I encourage fellow bloggers to do the same if you have not already committed to doing so. Just a very small thing we can do out of respect for a terrible tragedy.


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5 Jan

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17 Dec

Hey! Sorry I have been MIA with new posts. I’ve been out of town for a wedding, but will be back in full force on Monday! So be sure to check back. Hope everyone is staying warm 🙂

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3 Nov

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25 Oct

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