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The Look: Colorblocking for Bridesmaids

20 Apr

Colorblocking is probably the biggest spring/summer fashion trend this year. Of course I love it because it’s a celebration of color on color that otherwise might be thought of as clashy. I think one could have a lot of fun incorporating this trend into a bridesmaid look. Depending on the style of the dress, the trend can be edgy, modern, or preppy. Here are some picks I think would make fabulous bridesmaids dresses. If it’s too avant-garde for your wedding then maybe a shower or rehearsal dress??

The Look: Colorblocking Bridesmaids

{Coral & Black Dress & Green, Blue & Black Dress} Urban Outfitters
{Green, White & Black Dress} The Limited
{Pink, White & Coral Dress} Polyvore
{Sky Blue & Red Dress} Shopbop
{Black, Green & White Dress} Revolve Clothing

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