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Thirsty Thursday: Summer Fruit Sangria

1 Sep

Sorry to bombard you with another food related post, but it’s Thirsty Thursday!!! I’ve really been craving Sangria since I read a recipe feature on all different types of Sangria in Martha Stewart Every Day Food (a must subscribe for impressive, but not too complicated recipes). Sangria is so easy to make but has such a beautiful presentation. There are a million different recipes out there – red wine, white wine, blush wine with endless fruit combination possibilities. Now tell me that a Sangria bar isn’t a great idea for a wedding?! You can have fun with what you serve them in – pitchers, punch bowls, mason jars, whatever you want! Here is a fun Summer-Fruit Sangria from Martha Stewart with plums, apples, oranges and rasberries if you want to give a try.

Summer Fruit Sangria


Thirsty Thursday: Vodka Watermelon Cooler

5 May

This looks so darn refreshing and delish! Vodka, triple sec, lime and pureed fresh watermelon make this a perfect little summer treat. Served with a little watermelon slice garnish, this would be the perfect signature drink for a hot summer day soiree! Get the recipe at Dine and Dish via Epicurious.


Thirsty Thursday: Fizzy Sour Cherry Lemonade

21 Apr

It’s sweet, tangy and fizzy. What more could you want from a fun summer cocktail? I love this twist on traditional lemonade from Gourmet. Cherry is a bit of an unexpected flavor, sparkling water gives it a refreshing touch and vodka gives it an adult rating (optional of course). Plus the cherry garnish is sweet as cherry pie! Get the recipe for fizzy sour cherry lemonade and get crackin’!

Thirsty Thursday: Cucumber Ginger Fizz

14 Apr

Mmmm. I love cucumber and I love ginger. Two very refreshing flavors. So when I saw this Cucumber Ginger Fizz cocktail from Martha Stewart I had to pick it. Such a perfect spring or summer drink. I love the presentation with the English cucumber slices. Great as a signature drink and I think it would make a great bridal shower drink too. But it has vodka in it, so not so much if you are having a bridal shower brunch because vodka before noon is called alcoholism.

Thirsty Thursday: Raspberry Beer Cocktail

7 Apr

I’ve got yummy summer drinks on the mind so when I saw this raspberry beer cocktail punch, I knew I had to share it! It’s a combo of beer, raspberry lemonade and some vodka to make things really interesting! I love the presentation of the floating raspberries and limes. Great for a laid back summer wedding signature drink or even a summer party or picnic! Find the complete recipe on My Recipes.

Thirsty Thursday: Dark & Stormy

31 Mar

I am excited about today’s signature cocktail because it is one my personal favorites. You don’t see it on cocktail menus a lot because the key ingredient is ginger beer, which most bars don’t regularly carry. I saw it on a menu when we went out to dinner the other night and immediately ordered it. Then we bought the ingredients to make it at home and my husband is now obsessed too! My love affair with the spicy flavor of ginger beer goes back to my toddler days. I grew up in Jamaica until I was three and ginger beer, which is non-alcoholic, was a local favorite and I have vivid memories of drinking down this spicy carbonated drink. Good ginger beer is very bitey. The Goslings ginger beer that we bought is a little too mild.  If you can find it try Great Uncle Cornelius’ Finest Spiced Ginger. The best thing about this cocktail is its so easy to make with only three ingredients: rum, ginger beer and lime.

Try this Dreamy Dish recipe for your next dinner or cocktail party and be taken away to a tropical island! For a pretty presentation some people float the rum over the ginger beer to create a two-tone effect.

Thirsty Thursday: Irish Coffee

17 Mar

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! I know that was awful cheesey, forgive me. Well it’s St. Patty’s and Thirsty Thursday which is so appropriate! This week’s signature drink is an Irish coffee. My nana Bridget would be so proud. This signature drink unlike most others would be served after dinner. It’s the perfect little treat almost like a cocktail and dessert in one. There are a lot of Americanized Irish coffee recipes with Bailey’s and creme de menthe to make it green on top. But the traditional drink is made with coffee, IRISH whiskey, whipping cream and brown sugar. Here is recipe from Oh how I love and Irish coffee. Warms you up from the inside out. Happy drinking!

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