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Trend Watch: Men’s Style

30 Nov

More and more we are seeing grooms and groomsmen have as much fun with wedding style as the ladies. There are so many great trends out there to give your guy’s look a little something extra. So long are the days when renting a standard tux was, well…standard. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking:

– Jackets with no tie
– Shirt and vest, no jacket – w/ tie or not
– Sport coat with complimenting but different color pants
– Suspenders and fedoras
– Groom in a different color suit than groomsmen
– Patterned shirts or ties
– Bow ties! They come in so many fun prints and can really add a dose of personality
– Fun socks
– Sneakers with suits – I had just my nephews wear black Converse with their suits at my weddings and it was super cute!
– Mismatched combinations that all tie together somehow

Trends for the Men


A Little Something Blue!

11 Nov

Here are some cute ideas for your something blue!

– A blue garter belt. This set is from Garter Lady’s Shop.
– Blue panties. These fun ones are from Victoria’s Secret.
– A vintage brooch (can be pinned to your bouquet handle or worn in your hair. This one is from blue2vintage.
– Have the florist tie a subtle blue ribbon around your bouqet.
– Wear a blue cocktail ring on your right hand.
– Wear blue shoes.
– Carry a blue or blue embroidered hanky tucked away for those ceremony tears! This cute one is from Take It Personal.
– Write out you and your hubby to be’s initials on the bottom of your shoes with little blue rhinestones.
– Keep you wedding day necessities in a little blue clutch. This one is from Viabella.

Something Blue Ideas

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

8 Nov

Finding the right bridesmaid gift can be daunting. There isn’t really a rule as to how much you can spend, but $50 is a pretty safe amount if you can swing it. After all, your bridesmaids are probably spending a lot for you! If you have a very small party, say up to 3 girls, then you might want to spend a little more. Again, it goes back to what you can afford. When selecting gifts, try to go with something that they will get use out of. Personalizing the gift with name or initials is always cute. And sometimes the best gift is just taking care of one of their expenses – maybe gift cards for their hair or for mani and pedis the morning of the wedding! Here are some ideas:

-Little cover ups to wear to the salon the day of the wedding (I did this for my wedding. Got pink for all the girls and a white one for me, it was very cute!)  Victoria’s Secret is a great resource!
– Cute little clutches to use the day of the wedding that match their dress, but aren’t so obscure they can’t use them again. These are from Etsy.
-Hand painted wine or martini glasses with their names and maybe the date of the wedding. This wine glass is from By Becca.
– A gift card to cover an expense for being in the wedding.
– A cute cosmetic bag set. This one is from Target. And how cute would it be to put this Smashbox lip gloss set in one?
– A pretty necklace they can wear in the wedding or after it like this one from Anthropologie.
– A pair of Havaianas flip flops to change into once the dancing begins!
– A pretty stationary set like this one from Vera Bradley (Vera Bradley makes lots of cute gifts like wallets, tote bags and so much more)!
– How cute is this Sephora by OPI nail polish sampler set?

What are you or what did you get as your bridesmaid gifts? Do share!!!

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas – A Bride to Be’s Treasure Chest!

25 Oct

If you haven’t already checked it out, Etsy is one of the best resources a bride can turn to. It’s an online market place where crafters, designers or collectors can buy/sell handmade or vintage goods. If you really want your day to be unique and filled with special little touches, it will become your best friend. You can find everything on there from invited and other wedding day stationary to fashion accessories to ring bearer pillows to jewelry and that’s only scratching the surface. During my wedding planning, some of my Etsy purchases included my table numbers, garter belt, antique table for my ceremony and my ring bearers pillow. And the best part is, the prices are totally reasonable for brides on a budget!

Here are just a few little gems to get the wheels turning:
Birdcage Veil from AnneMichelleHeirloom : $39
Custom Color Table Number Cards from Khamm75 : $1.75 a peice
Rhinestone Headband from BethanyLorelle : $39.99
Custom Wedding Sign from CraftMartTex : $26
Bird Seating Cards from TimelessPaper : $1.20 a piece
Garter Belt Set from (bridal and toss) PetereneDesign : $30
Floral Hair Ribbon from Mignonne: $58 (this seller has absolutely gorgeous pieces!!!)
Vintage Brooch from SuchSerendipity : $15 (vintage brooches great for adding flair to a dress, your hair or pinned to the ribbon tied around your bouquet!)
Bridesmaid Clutch from PoppyPunch : $19 (Great bridesmaid gift, tons of different colors/patterns!)
Bridal Clutch from ThirdWillowWeddings: $65 (There are so many unique and fun clutches for sale if you just search Etsy for “bridal clutch”)

Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed with options! Remember you can never have too much of a good thing. Enjoy!

Etsy Treasures

How Do I Find a Venue?

30 Sep

Figuring out where to start with picking a venue can be challenging. Googling can only get you so far. And sometimes sites don’t even have pictures that do it justice. When I was looking for my venue, I discovered a secret way of scoping out killer venues. Photography blogs! Start searching around online for local wedding photographer sites and see what other people in you area are doing. You might see something you hadn’t thought of. It also helps yo see the venue in context of a wedding and gives you ideas on key spots for a photo op. Photographers will usually list the name of the venue and sometimes they even list the names of other vendors in case you see any details you’re loving.

We’re Engaged…Now What?

23 Sep

So you just got engaged. It’s been a few days of oooing and aaahing over the ring, telling all your family and friends. Then people start asking questions. When are you getting married, where are you getting married? The panic sets in. The truth is, you don’t need to panic. That overwhelming feeling will go away…once you complete step #1 of planning a wedding – selecting a venue. Once you select a venue, you can select a date based on availability. Once you have a place and a date, everything else comes easy. You can book a photographer, videographer, band or DJ etc. I promise you once you secure the location and date, the rest is smooth sailing and the fun parts begin!

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