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I am Loving: Mini Straw Pinwheels from Love and Found

20 Apr

What can I say? Could these be any more adorable? 12 for $12 and the colors are customizable. Visit Love and Found on Etsy.


I am Loving: Ribbon Chair Decor!

4 Apr

It’s little details like this that show you really went the extra mile. This is so easy and an inexpensive way to create a special touch. You can just do the bride and groom chair or maybe just the back row of the ceremony chairs. Or if you’re having a small party or shower then go crazy and do all the chairs! I love tone on tone ribbons or mixing in some prints with solids. You can make them long or short. There’s really no way you can wrong here.

{Purple Satin Sashes}

{Music City Events}

{A Subtle Revelry}

{The Sweetest Occasion}

{Blooming Design}

I am Loving…

3 Mar

This really really really neat ice bucket by Love and Light that I saw in a magazine and had to share because the presentation is just so cool. It has roses and strawberries frozen into it. How neat would it be to serve each table a bottle of champagne presented in one of these? So brilliant!

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