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Thirsty Thursday: Summer Fruit Sangria

1 Sep

Sorry to bombard you with another food related post, but it’s Thirsty Thursday!!! I’ve really been craving Sangria since I read a recipe feature on all different types of Sangria in Martha Stewart Every Day Food (a must subscribe for impressive, but not too complicated recipes). Sangria is so easy to make but has such a beautiful presentation. There are a million different recipes out there – red wine, white wine, blush wine with endless fruit combination possibilities. Now tell me that a Sangria bar isn’t a great idea for a wedding?! You can have fun with what you serve them in – pitchers, punch bowls, mason jars, whatever you want! Here is a fun Summer-Fruit Sangria from Martha Stewart with plums, apples, oranges and rasberries if you want to give a try.

Summer Fruit Sangria


I am Loving…

19 Jan

These vintage style barber shop stripe straws that are popping up in drinks or in cute jars and containers on display tables at weddings. They add such a whimsical touch and come in all different colors. They look great in mason jars for cocktails or milk glasses/bottles on a dessert table. Red ones would be adorable for a circus or carnival themed event. Love them! You can find these paper cuties at Garnish or The Sugar Diva.

Image Credit: My Life My Loves

Image Credit: City Cradle Design

Image Credit: She’s Krefty (you’ll find a great DIY on the other side of this link!)

Image Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Image Credit: Twiggi

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