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E-Session Spotlight: Graffiti Walls

25 Mar

If you are looking for bold, striking e-photos with an urban feel…look no further than the nearest graffiti wall. I always love these for the fun pops of color and the juxtaposition of funk and romance. And the cool thing about it, is come tomorrow, that wall may never look the same. Here are some great examples from some very talented photographers!

{Blain Photography}

{Getzcreative via Yellow Elm}

{Noah Hawthorne Photography}

{Vitalic Photo}

{Anna Kinchen Photography}


E-Session Spotlight: Libraries

8 Mar

So, I’ve had a few recent “I am loving” posts about engagement shoot trends and inspiration so I decided to make them their own little feature called E-Session Spotlight. Today its library shoots. You can get pretty creative by incorporating fitting book titles into a shot and there is something forbidden but romantic about sneaking into an empty aisle of books and stealing a kiss. I just love love love them!

{Image Credits, Top to Bottom}
Mastin Studio
Lisa Berry
Green Wedding Shoes
Almalus Place
Brooklyn Bride

I am Loving…

28 Feb

Row boat engagement shoots! They can be preppy or rustic but they are always so romantic. A beautiful scenery plus a cute little boat fit for two is the perfect makings for some fun and amazing photography. Pack a little picnic, a bottle of champagne or your fishing rod – whatever you do its bound to be a good time or at the very least look like one.

{Image Credits}
{Image 1} Mastin Studio
{Image 2} Ruffled
{Image 3} Nordica Photography
{Image 4} Postcards & Pretties
{Images 5/6/7/8} Eli Murray

I am Loving…

1 Feb

Carnival engagement shoots. They are colorful and whimsical and fun so I can’t get enough of them! They can be modern or vintage, but not matter what the style, they are gorgeous as you can see…

See the rest of the aaaamazing shoots by clicking the links below! You won’t regret it!

{Image Credits, Top to Bottom}
{Photo 1}Love and Lavender
{Photos 2 & 3}The Nichols
{Photos 4 & 5} Vitalic Photo
{Photo 6} Ruffled Blog

I am Loving…

24 Jan

Picnic engagement shoots. I know, everyone is doing them now days..but there’s a reason they are so popular – they are adorable! You get to have a blanket and snacks and flowers and vintage books you’ve probably never read. So pleasing to the eye so I am going to celebrate this trend today because I do love it, I do, I do!

See more of these awesome picnic shoots by clicking on the photographer links below!

Image Credits (Top to Bottom)
Nessak Photography
Lynn in Love Photo
Adrienne Gunde Photography
Stephanie Fay Photography
Perpixel Photography

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